Patient Guide

Step by Step – The IVF Process

When you decide to undergo an IVF Treatment at MMC IVF, Dubai, you can be assured that the IVF process will be clearly explained to you by experts in the field and our staff will be by your side all through.

The process starts with an expert making notes about your medical history. Preliminary checks like blood tests and ultrasound scans may be performed to understand hormone levels.

Once we have an understanding of your situation, a tailor made plan will guide us towards achieving positive results.

In case male factor infertility is the issue, the expert may ask for a semen analysis, and the course of action will be altered accordingly.

If male factor is indeed a cause of infertility in your case, IVF-ICSI will be the way to go. This process takes about 21 – 25 days.

The IVF Process

Let’s Begin

Step 1

Ovarian Stimulation

7 – 10 days

When you are on Day 2 or may be 3 of your menstrual cycle, you will be given medication that will help stimulate the growth of ovarian follicles. During this time, follicular monitoring will be conducted to check for this growth and development into eggs with the help of ultrasound, hormone levels will be checked through blood tests during this phase.

In case an adjustment of medication is need, it will be made. An HCG Trigger Shot will then be administered 36 – 40 hours before the process of Egg Retrieval to induce egg maturation at this stage.

Step 2

Egg Retrieval

You will be sedated for this, and eggs will be retrieved through a small surgical procedure that will be guided by ultrasound. Depending on how the body has reacted to the medication, many or a few eggs may be retrieved.

Step 3

Sperm Collection & ICSI

On the same day as Egg Retrieval, your partner will be asked for his semen sample as well that will be used to fertilize the retrieved eggs. In order to make the process more effective the process of ICSI will be carried out, wherein a single sperm will be injected into individual eggs that have been retrieved with the help of precision needles.

Step 4

Possible Genetic Testing

In order to rule out the possibility of passing on of a hereditary disease, a Pre-implantation Genetic Testing will be conducted, and in the case of gender selection, Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening will be undertaken. This process is conducted, about 4 to 5 days after the process of egg retrieval, wherein a biopsy is extracted from each embryo formed to be tested in the lab. Once we have a nod on healthy embryos, they will be transferred into the uterus for implantation.

Step 4

Embryo Transfer

A simple procedure that does not require you to be put under sedation. Once the embryos are successfully transferred into your uterus, the anticipation towards implantation begins.

Following the procedure, hormone levels will be tracked to check for a positive pregnancy result.