International Patient

International Patient Program

Higher success rates automatically conclude lower fertility treatment costs. Therefore, it is a major factor attracting couples to the best IVF Experts to seek fertility treatments abroad.

But if you are travelling abroad for more affordable IVF, here are a few things you must know to have clarity about fertility treatments abroad.

How To Find The Best Fertility Clinic Abroad?

When searching online for an IVF clinic in Dubai, you must exhaustively research on potential fertility clinics and experts and compare their portfolios to seek the best fertility clinic abroad.

While searching, you must mind.

  • 1. IVF success rates of Individual clinics
  • 2. Transparency of information
  • 3. Patient reviews and testimonials
  • 5. Expert’s qualification, experience, speciality and other valuable information
  • 6. Clinic’s Infrastructure

Apart from that, you must also learn about accommodation nearby, as the IVF process involves regular visits to the hospital for procedures, tests, sample collections, and routine checkups.

Does it provide any financial assistance?

Fertility treatment has many phases. The primary ones might be affordable, but the IVF treatment fee may pinch your pockets. Therefore, it is advisable to seek treatment from a hospital or clinic that will assist you in seeking financial assistance from the best health advisors and insurance companies, who can help you choose the best insurance plan to back your treatment cost without interruptions.

At MMC IVF, we have a team of financial counsellors who have years of experience helping clients choose the best financing option for the best in-budget fertility treatment.

Why Is IVF Better In Dubai Hospitals?

There are several reasons why Dubai or the Middle East is a hub for fertility treatment abroad. The reasons are as:

Technology :

Dubai is highly advanced in medical and technological fields, contributing to higher fertility treatment success rates.
In research, it has been found that 85% of the female population in Dubai is suffering from PCOS, which causes major infertility issues, and they seek future IVF treatments. The better IVF treatment makes it a famous hub for seeking IVF or fertility treatment.

Strategic Location Of Dubai

Dubai is strategically located in the middle of the globe, giving it access to all other continents and countries like Europe, Asia, Africa and other neighbouring countries. It is also famous for tourism, which gives the patient an edge for having treatment here.

The legality of Gender Selection And Family Planning

Family balancing and PGT-A (genetic testing) is well accepted in Dubai, which is illegal in countries like Australia, Canada, China, India and the UK; attracting couples from all over the world to seek the extra benefit of IVF treatment.

Financial Assistance

Moving to another country for IVF or fertility treatment can cost your time, energy, and money. In Dubai, most fertility clinics run dedicated international patient programs with a minimum or no waiting list.

At MMC IVF, we run a dedicated International patient program to assist international patients in the first row.

What Is International Patient Program?

It is a stepwise, streamlined process patient dedicated program to help off-shore patients benefit from our medical facility without waiting in long queues. At MMC IVF, the patient program starts with:

Step 1: Contact our International Patient Co-ordinator

Our coordinator will recommend a Fertility Specialist and outline the likely costs of your treatment. If you are happy to take the next step, we shall arrange a phone or video consultation with one of our Fertility Specialists.

Step 2: Confirmation of Fertility Treatment Plan

If you decide to proceed with the proposed fertility treatment, we’ll send you some consent forms and a detailed timeline of your treatment cycle and medication details.

Step 3: Assistance with travel plan

Our coordinator, who works closely with preferred travel agencies, can help you to book all flights, hotels and visa.

Step 4:On site visit

During the visit to our clinic, scheduled 1-2 days before your menstrual cycle, you will come in for a consultation, an ultrasound scan and a repeat semen analysis. If all tests are fine, you can begin treatment.

Last But Not The Least: What is Legal

All the countries are bound by some legal constraints. So make sure to understand the country's legal obligations before seeking fertility treatment abroad. For example- sperm, egg or embryo donation is illegal in Dubai, whereas egg freezing, family balancing and PGT-A are legal in our country. Talk to our patient coordinator to learn more details about the legality of procedures. We have a team of experts in infertility treatment spearheading MMC IVF, Dubai with the best ART clinicians and embryologists on board. We have been responsible for bringing happiness to countless families by helping them bear their own baby, which indicates our sincerity towards our role. So, if you are looking for an IVF or fertility treatment abroad, book an appointment with us.

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